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,000 customers in all. the company's name is lipa, the long island power authority. the contract er which does the operations work is annals grid. >> they're an expert at doing this and they failed, and they should be held accountable for their failure. in the meantime, they should be doing everything humanly possible to improve their performance and get these people out of the pain and suffering that they've been subjected to. >> what they've been subjected to includes more than just a dozen days without power. it's service calls the customers say are going unanswered, crews that don't show up, companies that seem to not know where the problems even are. >> the governor and the president of the united states have come into this area to see the devastation that is katrina without the bodies. >> we have to turn to lipa. president, vice president, we need people to take care of our community. they're screwing up! we're angry and we're not taking it anymore. >> if you can say something to lipa right now, what would it be? >> you stink. >> thank you so much for nothing. you're fabulous. >> one day
about why he's stepping down but his resignation comes as you know amid growing backlash that lipa is facing. keeping them honest tonight, we are still trying to get answers for thousands of lipa's customers in new york who are still without power more than two weeks after the storm. nearly 50,000 are waiting for their power to be restored and they understandably are furious. >> don't get me started. this was handled so poorly. >> most of this block got power yesterday. we still don't have it. you can't do anything when your hands are cold. it's just hard. >> it's not just that they didn't get the power on for 15 days and it's not just that they wouldn't provide us any information. it's that they provided misinformation every step of the way. >> mismanagement has been obvious. that man is part of a class action suit against lipa. we asked lipa repeatedly to come on the program, every day since the storm. they've said no every time. the invitation is still open. today debroah feyerick went to lipa headquarters and tried to talk to mike hervey, the man who is resigning. here's what s
, lipa, showed up immediately to work on the downed power lines but have not been back since. and some say they could be in the dark until thanksgiving. >> we need relief. >> reporter: 11 days after the lights went out in oceanside, long island, residents are angry. >> where is lipa? >> reporter: and the county's chief wants to put the military in charge of restoring power. >> lipa management has once again fallen down on the job. >> send in the national guard, we are fed up. >> reporter: the power company, lipa, says it can't restore power until flood-damaged homes are inspected. they were criticized for an out-dated emergency response last year after eye irene plan, some say, with no system to predict the situation. lipa did not respond to repeated requests for comment the new york governor has called the delay a failure. >> you have people without power for a very long time, it has gotten cold. it is uncomfortable, yes, we're understanding but we're also impatient. and we want more and we want it faster. >> reporter: many new york residents are documenting what are sometimes dangero
, especially in the empire state are starting to point fingers at the long island power authority. lipa. saying they did not do a good job getting ready for a storm they knew was coming. >> i believe they were unprepared. i believe the system is archaic and is obsolete in many ways. so, no, i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. i believe part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and part of it is the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> the long island authority lipa is a government owned utility who apparently asked for 700 workers to help them restore power when they needed close to 10,000, they've got a company called national grid out there. helping them turn the juice on and national grid said they think they're doing quite well. >> we are progressing very well, based on the unprecedented damage on the storm. >> i am very comfortable with how we've performed on the restoration and we're going to learn a lot of it, and bring the lessons and continue to do better. >> republican congressman peter king is calling on pre
at the long island power authority or lipa for failing to respond to the big one. lipa is the target of a class-action lawsuit and its chief operating officer is stepping down. deb feriyak has been covering this for us. >> it's ban hot mess is the only way to describe it. you have an organization that basically hires out the power grid to a different contractor and what ended up happening is they basically lost control. they weren't prepared. they knew that the big storm was coming but reports said they didn't make the most basic changes like cutting tree branches so the wires wouldn't have to be taken down. this caused a lot of people to be plunged into darkness during the storm. people on long island are tired of the cold, the dark and the run-around from the power company out here known as lipa. is it fair to say that lipa wasn't giving anybody answers because they themselves didn't have the answers? >> well, quite possibly. >> reporter: kate murray is the supervisor of hempstead on long island, new york. she says the long island power authority, lipa, has changed their story virt
blocks away from the water, folks living without electricity and lipa is the power company on long island, it's 86% of their customer lost power and right now 126,000 people still on long island, lipa customers without power and it's almost been two weeks and governor cuomo says that lipa failed customers. threatening to replace the manage: ned a protest in some of the towns and the headquarters where lipa is located. so, look at some of the video of the rally and listen to one of the residents we talked to there. >> it's inkconceivable that we don't have power. but it's really inconceivable, that we don't have answers. >> and we have improved and updated since last year and at the end of the day, this was just a monumental task. >> that was the coo of lipa, his name is michael harvey, and talking about him on the show yesterday at a press conference on saturday. he conceded there is room for improvement. lipa is bringing in 1200 more of the tree trimmers and the line workers, they're bolstering the work force, making it 12,000 employees out here working for lipa. now, just a moment ago,
. one person held up a sign that said lipa stands for long island power authority, saying lying, incompetent, poor administration. we've seen the red cross coming out, they're over there across the street. you see construction workers out here trying to get the homes safe so power companies can restore the power. it's just complete devastation. listen to what some of these folks on the street had to say. >> lipa has to get the power on. this is ridiculous. >> it's warmer outside than it is inside. last night, i literally stayed on my step until i had to go to sleep because it was warmer outside. this is not acceptable. i have gotten all the papers lipa asked for deeming me that i can have my power back. they were supposed to come on friday to have those papers in their hands. they never showed up. it is sunday and they're still not here. i want my power back, so do deny neighbors, so does this town. >> she said it's colder in her house than outside. thank goodness for the nice weather today. >> it doesn't give them much of a break. thank you. keep us posted on how it goes today.
an investigation into all of the power companies in the region which includes lipa, long island power authority. listen to this. >> they were not prepared. i think they were noncommunicative in their response. i think the noncommunicativeness actually exacerbated the situation. >> governor cuomo. li lipa says any one who can get their power back will be back on tonight. those in flood zones are being told to hire electricians before they can make it safe to put on the power there. lance armstrong officially resigning from his live strong charity. he start it had 15 years ago when he was being treated for cancer. lance's priority has been and continues to be the mission of live strong and the people they serve. in that connection he simply did not want to be a potential distraction to the great work being done today in the giants cancer. those are the top 5@5:00. >>> the top u.s. commander in afghanistan general john allen is now being investigated in the scandal that is surrounding the former cia director david petraeus. >> officials say allen was e-mailing the woman down in florida who sparked
folks out there. are customers of line park the long island power authority what is your message to lipa today? are you satisfied with their response? >> no, their response was much too slow. you are supposed to have a situation where in cases of an emergency, there's a rapid response. and i know this was a severe storm, probably the worst storm, i know the worst storm i have seep in my lifetime in new york but their response has been far too slow. seems to be for another period of time. as well as, you know, with the coordination, i think, between lipa and oem and fema, you know exthey should be -- about to get to where i think we should have been six, seven days ago. >> if this was japan, the ceo would fall on his sword and bow in front of his customers and resign. should the ceo of lipa resign? >> i'm with the governor of the state of new york. i think governor cuomo, very on top of this situation, has to do a complete and say, they will do a complete, thorough investigation into this matter, see where the chips fall and if the chips fall where it should you can the responsibility of
out to the l lipa and haven't been able to get answers. they haven't returned our calls. a rlot of people are waiting fo their power to be turned back on. two hours to be without power, let alone two weeks. that's what a lot of residents are facing. i believe we have a map that illustrates how many people are without power. as you see it's mostly along the south shore of long island, those places that got those heavy storm surges, brought a lot of flooding about. in fact those frustrations from local residents really hit a boiling point kbryesterday. take a listen. >> this is a crisis of epic proportions. this is a natural disaster. we are here as one community together to send a message we've had enough. lipa is disgusting. the management of lipa should be fired from top to bottom. and governor cuomo, we have a message for governor cuomo. send the national guard in here today to turn the power back on! >> i think these frustrations are furthered by the fact lipa has told local residents that they have to get an electrician to make sure that it's safe before any of this power ca
this weekend as well. anger at lipa is epidemic. >> i want some information. how long can this go on for? >> nobody knows nothing in the building. save your breath. nobody knows nothing. >> no one has any answers. there's no communication as to if it's going to come back in a day, two weeks, a month. >> infuriating, the lack of communication from this company. today, new york governor andrew cuomo indicated it won't be any time soon for many. he said roughly 58,000 customers won't be able to get back power until repairs can be made to their damaged homes. every day since sandy hit, we've asked lipa to come on the program. today we got the same response they have given every single day. they told us they quote, can't make anyone available at this time. the statement on their website said, i quote, lipa continues the massive effort to restore electricity to all customers. we will continue to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with over 9,400 linemen and tree trim crews dedicated to getting power restored. in case anyone in management is from lipa is watching, it's not the linemen who peop
. gentlemen, lipa is the name of the authority. they allege the lawsuit alleges that lipa and national grid were grossly negligent. that is the quote, in restoring power to the 945,000 customers, a suit filed tuesday in the state supreme court on long island. charge that's lipa national grid grossly neglected vital mate tennance, delayed replacing the outage management system this is long, provided false information to rate payers and ignored a 2006 study that identified problems and could have minimized outages. the customers in the suit, gentlemen, are seeking unspecified money damages in review of lcipa regulations. can they be liable? >> absolutely. shades of new orleans. they're going to be accountable here. all their policies and procedures are going to be uncovered. and this lawsuit is the real deal. lip sachlt in big trouble here civilly and there may be criminal files charged by the attorney general when it gets said and done. >> we should tell you that the chief operating officer of long island power announced his resignation because of this. and cnn has contacted lipa about the s
of it utilities are monopoly. >> at first the government owned lipa other utility companies for 700 workers to help them restore power but they ended up needing 10,000. company that contracted to help them clean up, they are doing extremely well. >> we are progressing very well based on the unprecedented damage of the storm. >> i am very comfortable with how we performed on this restoration. >> not comfortable with their performance? peter king. he wrote a letter to president obama saying i urge you to personally intervene to make sure that all appropriate federal assets are fully deployed to the region. king and congressman israel wants the army corps of engineers. they can go into baghdad and kabul and turn lie itself on, it's time for them to come to new york and finish the job the utility company hasn't been able to. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> heather: power restoration, that is one of concerns for some of those still struggling to get back on their feet. nicole, an assemblywoman from hard hit staten island. she joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. the district you
of the long island power authority. lipa's michael hervey announcing his resignation effective at the end of the year. his utility has been under fire for a slow response to sandy. he's defended lipa's action calling the task herculean. >>> many new jersey homeowners are already paying the price for hurricane sandy and they're about to pay a little more even still. governor chris christie says residents of towns that require extensive rebuilding efforts can expect to see their property taxes go up. >> there's no magic money tree. but i think that most people in these towns will recognize that if they believe that the money is being spent reasonably and responsibly to rebuild their towns they'll be happy to do it. no one's ever happy with higher taxes. but the fact is, what people don't want more than anything else is waste. >> the state normally caps tax increases at 2% but provides exceptions for emergencies. >>> new developments in the strange murder investigation unfolding in belize. john mcafee the man behind the popular mcafee anti-virus software says he isn't a killer and fears for
of these blocks. >> lipa is short for the long island power authority, supplies power to most of the areas still in the dark, including the rockaways neighborhood of queens. at a town hall style meeting yesterday in the rockaways, residents tried to get answers. remember, they are now heading into their third week without power. today, cnn's victor blackwell tried to find out why a 14-story apartment building in the rockaways still has no power. it's called ocean village. victor found someone who works for the building's management. here's how that went. >> reporter: can you tell me why the power hasn't been restored in this building? is that something you control? >> i have no comment at this time. >> reporter: you're in management with the company? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. what's your name? >> michael presh. >> reporter: people have been here for two weeks -- >> no comment, sir. i apologize. it has to be run through the rest of our public outreach organizations. >> reporter: you understand the frustration that they look around them, everyone else has power. >> could you excuse me for a momen
to what a couple of people had to say. >> they hang up on you. they don't answer it it i called lipa. they said we can't do anything for you. you have to get an inspector. can't get an inspector. this is the worst day of high life. >> yesterday power. without power and tried to call lipa. nobody answer. we can't live like this. >> people are trying to get the information. they are not getting the information they need. obviously 12 days in without power. and it has been cold all of this time and the snow storm in between it people are incredibly frustrated. can i tell you that lipa long island authority. adding additional crews. 1200 linemen on long island to continue to get improvement on. starting with 96 a thousand people still 131,000 people without power. a lot of people think that is not going quickly enough. and one of the nassau county managers yesterday asked for the u.s. military to take over the managerial operations. out of this problem out here. the governor hasn't yet weighed in on that yet if he is going to choose to have something like that done. guys? >> probably not
the highest rates in the country out of 50 states, and lipa has just delivered terrible, like we don't exist. >> it's sad. i mean, how long is it going to take to get our electricity back? there's elderly people that live here, sick people, god forbid, what is it going to take, somebody to die live anything their house because it's so cold? >> once that grid is turned on and our power's turned on, we still don't have power because most of our electrical boxes were underwater. that means we need electricians and power lines in because everything was underwater. so it's time. we need to power on so we can get our lives rebuilt. shannon: jonathan hunt has the very latest. hello, jonathan. >> reporter: hey, shannon. they are doing their to get the power back on the rockaway peninsula of new york, but still 29,000 people do not have any power at all. part of that according to the long island power authority is because it is simply not safe enough to get the power back on in a lot of these homes, and they say they are working as quickly as they can. you can see them actually in the process of tryi
the lyrics and then came home and filmed it. ♪ i called lipa but lipa never called me ♪ >> i'm curious, what's it like going 11 days without power like day-to-day. >> your flashlight becomes your best friend and goes everywhere with you. it's really frustrating because you go into a room and turn on a light and you expect it to go on and it never does. >> it was the most depressing thing to see the sun go down, i must say. >> what did you do the day -- or the moment that the power came back on? >> all of our neighbors came outside and we just had like a discussion about how happy we were. >> did you go up to the light switch and turn it off and on a bunch of times? >> i actually did do that. we played with the light switch for like a good half hour. like oh, my gosh, this works. >>> brazilians, passionate about their soccer. >> including this fan who tried to storm the fan but didn't get very far for obvious reasons. watch the replay. >> oh, boy. miss one-legged. >> one-legged soccer fan goes hopping out onto the pitch. doesn't get very far. security is on him immediately. flips the guy over
can see from the pictures people suffered for days and days. >> bill: the suit contends that lipa as they call it was totally unprepared for anything. if they had obsolete equipment how could they be prepared? fixing that way before sandy came on. >> there should be a repercussion for that it was acknowledged as far as back as 2006 that they were operating under antiquated system insufficient to notify customers. >> bill: everybody knew despite the fact that they charged the second which is the most expensive. >> alaska and hawaii. >> bill: alaska and hawaii this is after that get money from the folks. money from you guilfoyle. >> my power wasn't on. the whole thing was a mess. you couldn't get through to anyone. there was no updates. no emails. you were left sort of mystified. >> bill: i'm talking about money. you pay them a lot of money. i pay them a lot of money i live on long island. >> two years of my bill in new york city for just the summer. >> bill: people who live on long island people know what's going on know that this utility cannot cut it, period. >> right. >> bill: w
and class. i would argue that it's a question of the antiquated ability of lipa to deal with its reza debit dents. we have been so mistreated by lipa, i myself have no lights, no power and a cold shower is not a pleasant thing. but even more important, it's messing with the health of the people out here. and i keep hearing that relief is coming. but it's gobbledygook to me. >> so, you're saying this could be a question of race and economics and that kind of despairty, but at the same time, the coo of that power company has stepped down. there are huge criticisms that company's just a mess. that it's a horrible bly -- company, not that it's about race and disparity in income levels. you've made a very strong statement off the top of your interview, but don't you see this could be a pathetic response from a pa pa thetic company? >> i see a combination of many different things. and i had called for the resignation of the coo for some time. but i will alert people, just because you change the captain of the titanic doesn't mean you're not on an iceberg. we have hit and it's going to take more.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 209 (some duplicates have been removed)